"A Gift from the Land of Enchantment"
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Honorary Guests

Our Commitment to the Environment

Tree New Mexico is thrilled to have been chosen to participate in the Capitol Christmas Tree 2005 event! Any human activity, as with this event, has an impact on the environment. As environmental stewards, we are taking extra steps to ensure that the overall project is accomplished in an environmentally sensitive way, such as, using biofuels in place of diesel for the trucks transporting the trees, and the use of a solar powered generator, if possible.

A Carbon Neutral Event

Tree New Mexico has asked researchers and scientists from across the country to contribute their expertise in determining how much greenhouse gas is produced by the project's activities. Upon completion of the project, they will then calculate how many trees need to be planted to absorb the project's carbon dioxide output - making the Capitol Christmas Tree 2005 a carbon neutral event! The trees will be planted in communities and forests throughout New Mexico in 2006 - we anticipate that more than 5,000 trees will need to be planted!

"A partnership project of the USDA Forest Service, Tree New Mexico, and the State of New Mexico"
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